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Law enforcement officers and their equipment

Please note, that like all slang and shortcuts, there is NO national standard and there are differences between areas. This information is intended only for reference and entertainment.

If you have something you would like to submit, send an email to the editor for consideration.
Radio SpeakMeans
"Advertising" a police car with its lights on.
"Astronaut" police plane or helicopter
"Bear" a police officer. The terms "Smokey" & "Bear" are both direct references to Smokey Bear , a character image commonly seen along U.S. highways, as part of warnings not to cause wildfires. He wears a campaign hat very similar to that included in many highway patrol uniforms in the U.S.
"Baby Bear / Cub" a rookie (or at least a very young) officer.
"Bear Cave" / "Bear's Den" / "Bear's Lair" a police station.
"Bear / Smokey in a plain brown wrapper" a law officer in an unmarked police car. The term "plain white wrapper" is sometimes used, depending on the color of the vehicle. "Bear In the Air" / "Fly in the sky" / "Spy in the sky" a police aircraft. While state police often use fixed-wing airplanes to monitor highway traffic, "fly" refers specifically to a helicopter
"Bear In the Grass" / "Smokey in the bush" a speed trap
"Bear Taking Pictures" police with radar.
"Bear With Ears" a police officer listening to others on the CB
"Blue Bear" a Michigan State Police Trooper
"Black and White" Highway Patrol.
"Blue Light" / "Blue Light Special" a law enforcement vehicle, especially with a stopped motorist.
"Boy Scouts" State Police.
"Camera" police radar unit.
"Care Bear" Police car located within a construction zone.
"Catch Car" police car past radar set-up.
"Checkpoint Charlie" Old CB slang for a police checkpoint placed to look for drunk drivers, etc. This looks like a roadblock .
"City Kitty" / "City Bear" Local law enforcement monitoring a particular stretch of interstate which runs through their jurisdiction.
"Cocaine Cowboy" Drug Enforcement Police, usually used when a car is pulled over and being searched.
"Cop Shop" Police station
"Creeper Cop" Department of Transportation or Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officer so named because of the use of wheeled creepers when inspecting trucks.
"County Mountie" a Sheriff's deputy car.
"Cub Scouts" Sheriffs' Deputies.
"Diesel Cop" / "Diesel Bear" / "D.O.T. Bear" / "The Man" State department of transportation personnel, usually enforcing weight limits and safety rules (brakes & tires.
"Disco Lights" the flashing emergency lights of a law enforcement vehicle.
"Evel Knievel" a police officer on a motorcycle.
"Dudley Do Right" a trooper with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
"Feed The Bear" pay a traffic fine.
"Flying Tire Salesman" an officer of the Ohio State Highway Patrol
"Full-Grown" / "Full Grown Bear" a state policeman/trooper
"Got Bit By A Bear" Received A Ticket.
"Green Stamps" used to express a toll road"
"John Law" police officer, especially a city cop or a local sheriff's deputy.
"Gum ball machine" / "bubble gum machine" A popular style of rotating mirror light used by many state police and some other law enforcement agencies at the time, however can also refer to any law enforcement vehicle. It looked somewhat like the round style of 'penny' gumball machines.
It was basically a clear cylinder, like an upside down jar, with lights and a spinning mirror system inside. It was usually mounted on the center of the roof.
"Leo" short for *L*aw *E*nforcement *O*fficer
"Little Bears" a police officer belonging to a city or township police department
"Local Yokel" / "City Kitty" / "Town Clown" a law officer with a city or township police force, seldom encountered on interstate highways.
"Mama Bear" / "Honey bear" a female law enforcement officer.
"Miss Piggy" a pejorative term for a female law enforcement officer.
"PP Guy" (or girl) a police officer with the Ontario (Canada) Provincial Police.
"Papa Bear" A police supervisor.
"Paper Hanger" police giving speeding ticket.
"Picture-taker" / "Smokey taking pictures" / "Smokey bear is taking a picture" / "Kojak with a Kodak" /"Hemorrhoid with a Polaroid " a law officer monitoring traffic with a radar gun.
Today, this can also refer to an automated speed camera.
"Polar Bear" an all-white highway patrol car
"Plain Brown / White Wrapper" [Plain Wrapper] Unmarked police car (Often referred to by the car's actual color)
"Protecting and serving" / "With a customer" Officer with a car pulled over
"Radio Car" / "Super Trooper" Either a marked or unmarked state trooper vehicle sporting additional antenna on the trunk or sides of the vehicle.
"Red Wheel" police patrol car with single rotating red roof light, such as those used by the Michigan State Police.
"Safe Driving Award" Traffic Ticket While Being Pulled Over by Police or the DOT.
"Sex Lights" Got pulled over.
"Sky Bear" / "Spy in the sky" / "Eye in the sky" police helicopter.
"Smokey" a law officer, particularly one from a state police or highway Patrolforce.
"Smokey report" is what CB users say when they have information on a law officer, such as location or current activities.
"Smokey on Four Legs" Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
"Snake In the Grass" police car radar usually hidden amongst tall cat tails.
"Sunoco Special" New York State Police patrol car
"Super Trucker" Truck Driver Ignoring The Speed Limit / Traffic Laws.
"Bear Bait" An erratic or speeding driver.
"Bear Bite" A speeding ticket.
"Bear with a Customer" A patrol officer who has pulled someone over.
"BUSTED!" You see two or more patrol cars, one other car pulled over, people in cuffs on the ground and/or in the cruiser, which may have a cage in it, the car's contents all over the place, officers searching it (most likely for drugs, weapons). Sometimes, the vehicle's tires are flat, after it hit one or more spike strips
"Busy" or "Workin" A Weigh Station or Rest Area that is pulling trucks in for weighing or inspection.
"Chicken coop" A weigh station.
"Locked up" / "clean" means the weigh station is closed. (ex: "the chicken coop is clean.")
"Clean and Green" No police or obstructions ahead.
"Coloring Book" or "Comic Book" A trucker's log book.
"Eaten By a Bear" Someone who is arrested by police, you can see the arrested person in the patrol car, especially if said patrol car has a "cage" in it.
"Joke book"/"Comic book"/"Lie book" A trucker's log book.
"Smokey's got a customer" A cop who pulled someone over.
"Swindle Sheet" A trucker's log book
"Tijuana Taxi" A marked police car.
"Bear Bait" An erratic or speeding driver.
"Bear Bite" A speeding ticket.
"Bear with a Customer" A patrol officer who has pulled someone over.

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