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List of CB slang: some of the most common

Please note, that like all slang and shortcuts, there is NO national standard and there are differences between areas. This information is intended only for reference and entertainment.

The most common / daily use codes. Please see detailed pages for more information.

If you have something you would like to submit, send an email to the editor for consideration.
Radio SpeakMeans
10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-4Ok, Message Received Does not mean Yes - only message received
10-7 Out of Service, Leaving Air (you're going off the air)
10-8 In Service, subject to call (you're back on the air)
10-9 Repeat Message
10-10Transmission Completed, Standing By (you'll be listening)
10-20 "What's your location?" or "My location is..." Commonly asked as "What's your 20?"
10-100 Need to go to Bathroom.
Twenty See "10-20"
Four See "10-4"
Bear or Smokey a police officer. The terms "Smokey" & "Bear" are both direct references to Smokey Bear , a character image commonly seen along U.S. highways, as part of warnings not to cause wildfires. He wears a campaign hat very similar to that included in many highway patrol uniforms in the U.S.
City Kitty/City Bear/Local Yokel Local law enforcement monitoring a particular stretch of interstate which runs through their jurisdiction.
County Mountie a Sheriff's deputy.
Full-Grown / Full Grown Bear a state policeman/trooper
Plain Brown / White Wrapper [Plain Wrapper] Unmarked police car (Often referred to by the car's actual color)
Smokey report is what CB users say when they have information on a law officer, such as location or current activities.
Chicken coop A weigh station.
Locked up / clean means the weigh station is closed. (ex: "the chicken coop is clean.")
Clean and Green No police or obstructions ahead.
Breaker / Break Telling other CB users that you'd like to start a transmission on a channel. May be succeeded by either the channel number, indicating that anyone may acknowledge (e.g. "Breaker One-nine" refers to channel 19, the most widely used among truck drivers), or by a specific "handle", which is requesting a particular individual to respond.
Fender Bender A road traffic accident/crash.
Flip-flop /Flip-side The return leg of a trip. (ex: "Catch you on the flip-flop" means "I'll contact you again on the way back.")
Dead-heading A truck operating with an empty trailer (see "Hauling fence post holes").
Hammer Lane The far left lane (fast lane).
I'm Gone / We gone Indicates that one is finished transmitting and may not be listening to the conversation any longer, or may be traveling out of receiving range. Equivalent to "Signing off", "Out", or "Clear" in formalized radio voice procedure.
Lot Lizard Prostitute, especially one that frequents truck stops.
Seat Cover A attractive female passenger in a vehicle.

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