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Question: Why was Truck Stop Report created and what is its purpose?
Answer: Truck Stop Report (TSR) was born out of a lack of information available on truck stops and travel plazas. There are plenty of sites that list trucks stops, but all them have one or two major limitations. Number 1, they only list truck stops that are members to their group or association or Number 2, they provide nothing more then an address, free exit and phone numbers, or both. TSR hopes to assist the motoring public, be it the commercial driver who's very quality of life depends on truck plaza's and their amenities or the RVer or 4-wheeler who's safety and the safety of other drivers depend on their being able to find places for food, fuel, rest and repairs. Many RVers, tourists and families traveling long distance offen look for places where truckers gather to eat and rest because generally if the truckers are stopping there, it is likely good food and a safe location.

To assist the traveler, Truck Stop Report provides an informal blog and a detailed review of truck stops that can be submitted by John Q. Public. This allows other driver's to benefit from another driver's experiences - good or bad. We have all been in bad truck stops and normally these stops continue to exist because the next driver coming in is not forewarned. TSR hopes to change that.

Question: Do you accept input from others
Answer: Absolutely! In fact, we need it and want it. There is no way we could ever visit all known truck plaza, truck stops or businesses that support the professional driver. Plus, with so many changes (new places open, name/facility changes, places closing, etc), we would have to revisit ever location every year. However, by allowing the drivers and travelers that visit and use these facilities everyday to notify us of updates, we can provide the most accurate information anywhere. And by allowing the driver's, RVer, tourists and travelers to submit their personal experiences, the next driver to use the service/facility will have a better idea of what to expect.

Question: Why do you not list fuel prices?
Answer: Many other sites provide fuel prices but fuel prices can change daily or even hourly. There are also numerous other websites that specialize in this information. Some of them have many 'members' that provide regular updates.

Question: You indicate businesses adjacent to or near by truck stops. What are some of the businesses you list and how close are they.
Answer: We try to include nearby restaurants - both major chains and Mom/Pop shops; banks/credit unions; motels; maintenance & tire services; grocery; department stores; pharmacy; bowling alleys & movie theaters; medical offices; veterinarian offices and other amenities that a truck driver or RVer might need. Not everything will get listed, sometimes because of limited space on the website and sometimes because we do know about the business/service. You are welcome and free to submit such information just as you can submit updates for individual locations.

Question: Do you charge fees for Truck Drivers, RVers or tourists to use Truck Stop Report
Answer: None! The entire site is advertiser supported. There are no fees for using/browsing the listings. There are also no fees to be listed or to provide updates on services/facilities. And unlike some services - all details and information is free. There are not multiple layers of access where some information is free but other details or contact information is extra.

Question: How do I submit corrections or updated information on a truck stop or other service
Answer: Find the Submit  location Update/correction banner on truck stop's page. By using this form, important information will be provided automatically so you only have to make the changes that you need us to know about. We value and appreciate everyones assistance at providing the most accurate, update and free information for truck drivers, RVers, travelers and tourists.

Question: How do I submit a new location to Truck Stop Report
Answer: We are still gathering information. We are still gathering and verifying locations and information. However, we also need and want your input. If you know of a service, location or facility that you think should be included, please send an email to Editor and we will review it. Include as much information as you can.

Question: I travel in a large RV. Do you indicate where RV services are available
Answer: We may indicate that RVs are welcome and RV parking is possible, however at this time we are not adding to the database places that are RV specific. A few truck stops have RV parks with hook-ups available, and if known, we will certainly include that information. If we know of a nearby RV park, we will also include that information.

Question: What are the differences between Truck Plazas, Truck Stops and Mini-Stops?
Answer: In our opinion, and just that opinion, a mini-stop is basically going to be a Convenience Store with Truck Diesel, a few parking spots (2 to 10ish) and may or may not have a fast food store in or next to the Store.

A Truck Stop will have at least a few of the services that Truck Drivers need such as a Truckers Store, Drivers Lounge, TripPak or Transflo, FedEx or UPS, truck maintenance, a full service restaurant, showers, loadboards, internet access, phone rooms and a much larger truck parking lot.

A Truck plaza will have nearly everything a driver may need, plus a really large parking area. It will also support RVs.

A Mini Mart / Convenience Mart / Mini Market / etc, will have the very, very basic of restrooms, maybe only a limited deli, hot & cold drinks, snacks and chips. These locations may or may not have long or short term parking.

It is possible that listing could be miss 'classified'. As we built the initial database, everything was classified as Truck Stop. It is only during a clean up, did we realize the issue and start addressing it. It is still possible that listings may be wrong, but by looking at the available amenities, you can judge for yourself. Plus it does not matter what class of joint it is, the only question you need to know is "Does it have the specific services I need right now?" If yes, stop, if not move on down the road.....

Question: I have a website - can we trade links?
Answer: Yes. If you have a website for a truck stop, truck service facility or trucker's support business, we would like to include it in our database anyway. All services/locations that have valid websites have a link included in the description anyway. If you have a website for something else, please let us know and we will consider creating and adding you to a 'friends of TruckStopReport' page.
To link to us, please add the link of http://www.truckstopreport.com and the description of "Truck Stop Report amenities, features, services, reviews".

Question: Who are the brains behind TSR?
Answer: We don't know anyone that fits that description. The key website designer and database engineer is John Carter. John's family history is in trucking with his father a local trucker in the south-central Indiana area hauling timber and farm products for 40+ years before retiring. John's two older brothers are both truckers with both having over 35 years experience each in local, regional and over the road operations. One brother, Jimmie Carter, is a past "Indiana Truck Rodeo" winner. John spent most of his career in communications and computers but also took time out from that career and drove a truck in Michigan for 3 years hauling (mainly) automotive parts. John lost his medical certificate because of medical problems and decided to apply his knowledge of website design and trucking to the benefit of others.

John is also assisted by several volunteers who assist with the Spanish Translations, Graphics Design and Database research.

Question: Do you accept paid for advertising
Answer: Not Yet. At this time, our service is funded by Google Adsence banners and Amazon on-line store sales. If you have a service that you are interested in advertising, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss it. At this time, we can offer site wide displays or specific city displays. We have not developed the software/technicalities to provide regional ad displays. We do not guarantee any ad performance.