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Please note, that like all slang and shortcuts, there is NO national standard and there are differences between areas. This information is intended only for reference and entertainment.

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Radio SpeakMeans
"Art Bell Town" Pahrump, Nevada, Art Bell's hometown
"Assville" The city of Asheville NC
"Armpit" New Jersey
"Badger Bound" Wisconsin bound
"Barf City" Providence, Rhode Island
"Bean Town " Boston, Massachusetts
"Beertown" Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"Big A" Atlanta, Georgia or Amarillo, Texas
"Big Apple" New York City
"Big Arch" St. Louis, Missouri (After the Gateway Arch )
"Biggest Little" Reno, Nevada (After its nickname "Biggest Little City in the World")
"The Big Easy" New Orleans, Louisiana
"The Big Road" An interstate, particularly Interstate-80.
"Bikini State" Florida
"The Big Stink" Las Cruces, New Mexico (Due to its waste water treatment plant being to close to I-10)
"Bluegrass City" Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding area
"The Bluff" Poplar Bluff, Missouri
"Bridge Town" or "Bridgeville" Portland, Oregon
"Bubble City" Champaign, IL
"Buick town" Flint, Michigan
"Bullshit City" Washington DC
"Camel City" Winston-Salem, NC (the home of Reynolds Tobacco)
"The Canadian Turnpike" Name give to Interstate-81 because of its heavy Canadian truck traffic.
"Capital City" Carson City, Nevada
"Charlie Town " Charleston,SC
"Chi Town" Chicago, Illinois
"Chocolate Town" Hershey, Pennsylvania
"Choo Choo Town" Chattanooga, Tennessee (After the song "Chattanooga Choo-Choo).
"Cigar City" Tampa, FL
"Circle or Circle City" Indianapolis, Indiana
"Cow Town" Fort Worth, Texas, Columbus, Ohio and/or Calgary, Alberta
"Coon Town" Albany, Georgia or the rural south and rural south Alabama area.
"Counciltucky" Council Bluffs, Iowa
"Crashville" Nashville, Tennessee
"Da Puke" Dubuque, Iowa
"Derby City" Louisville, Kentucky , home of the Kentucky Derby.
"The Dime" Interstate Highway 10
"Dirty Side" New York and New Jersey.
"Disney Town" Anaheim, California and the surrounding areas (After the Disneyland Resort)
"Double A" Ann Arbor, Michigan
"Double Deuce" U.S. Route 22
"Esky" Escanaba, Michigan
"The Flag" Flagstaff, Arizona
"Garbage State" New Jersey
"Gay Bay" San Francisco Bay area
"Ghost Town" Casper, Wyoming (After the cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost)
"Glass City" Toledo, Ohio
"Guitar Town" Nashville
"G'ville" Gardnerville, Nevada
"Happy Rock" Gladstone, Michigan
"Hillsburrito" Hillsboro, Oregon
"Hog Town" Toronto, Ontario
"Hooker City" Fresno, California
"Hot Lanta" Atlanta, Georgia
"Illini Bound" Illinois bound traffic also known as "Lincoln Bound"
"Indy 5, Indy 500" Indianapolis, Indiana
"J-Ville" Jacksonville, Florida
"Little Cuba" Miami, Florida
"Lost Wages" Las Vegas, Nevada
"Mad-Rock" Madison, WI, Rockford, IL Metro areas including Janesville, WI and Beloit, WI. This area is shared by I-90/I-39
"The Magic City" Birmingham, Alabama
"Man-you-stink" the small town of Manistique, MI
"Mass-a-Two-Shits " Massachusetts
"Mickey Mouse Towns" location of any of the Walt Disney theme parks
"Mistake On The Lake" Chicago, Illinois—also Cleveland, Ohio
"Monkey Town" Montgomery, Alabama
"Motor City" Detroit, Michigan
"Mountain Folk" The mountains of rural Western North Carolina to the Tennessee State Line
"Music Town" Nashville
"Nickel City" Buffalo, NY
"New Jersey Termite" New Jersey Turnpike
"Okie City" Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I-40, I-35 and I-44 all cross paths
"Packertown" Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay Packers football team.
"Philly" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Queen City" Charlotte, North Carolina , Cincinnati, Ohio, Buffalo, New York or Springfield, Missouri
"Queer Town" Provincetown, MA or the San Francisco area
"Rottenchester" Rochester, NY
"Salty" Salt Lake City, Utah
"Scale City" Toledo, Ohio
"Sewer City" Sioux City, Iowa, so nicknamed because I-29 ran near infamous Sioux City Stockyards
"Shakeytown" Los Angeles, so nicknamed because of the earthquakes that occur there
"Shy Town" Chicago, Illinois
"Star City" Roanoke, Virginia, named after the Roanoke Star
"Steel City" Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"Sticker Patch" Phoenix, Arizona
"Stink City" Las Cruces, New Mexico earned this name because a sewage treatment plant was placed right next to Interstate 10 and near several truck stops.
"Stump Town" Portland, Oregon
"Sin City" Las Vegas, Nevada (Also called "Dice City", "Gambling Town", "Lost Wages")
"T-Town" Tulsa, Oklahoma
"The Swamp" MontrĂal, QuĂbec
"The Peg" Winnipeg, Manitoba
"Titletown" Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Tonto" Toronto, Ontario
"UFO Central" Area 51, other areas known for UFO activity. (Truckers call the area near Rachel, Nevada this, other areas known for UFO activity, such as Phoenix, Arizona
"Vantucky" Vancouver, Washington

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