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Some local information on North America : USA : Michigan : Sturgis

Sturgis, Michigan is home to an annual toy run. For over 30 years, our mission is to provide toys to children who otherwise would not enjoy the benefits of Christmas. We do this by getting together every year and having a good time while promoting a good image of bikers and biking.

``Each year the Sturgis Toy Run is every September.

So how did it all begin?
``Back in 1983, five guys were in a fellow bikers' garage working on a bike and drinking a few beers. The subject came up at one point about kids going without at Christmas time. "What could we do to help with the problem?", somebody asked. Someone else came up with the idea of putting together a Toy Run. It would also help give a better image of local bikers. They kicked the idea around with their wives and from there, the Sturgis Toy Run was born.

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