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North America : USA

  Areas, Cities, Counties and more
Alabama (273) New
Alaska (22)
Arizona (95) New
Arkansas (173) New
California (346)
Colorado (103)
Connecticut (30)
Delaware (19)
District Of Columbia (0)
Florida (196) New
Georgia (315) New
Hawaii (0)
Idaho (74)
Illinois (254) New
Indiana (224) New
I-69 is being extended thru Indiana and has required a renumbering of interstate milemarkers and exit ramp numbers.
Iowa (169) New
Kansas (150) New
Kentucky (183)
Louisiana (228)
Maine (34)
Maryland (44) New
Massachusetts (21)
Michigan (256) New
Minnesota (151) New
Mississippi (194) New
Missouri (223)
Montana (84) New
Nebraska (110)
Nevada (60) New
New Hampshire (32) New
New Jersey (71)
New Mexico (81)
New York (154)
North Carolina (272) New
North Dakota (80) New
Ohio (238) New
Oklahoma (216) New
Oregon (81)
Pennsylvania (224) New
Rhode Island (6)
South Carolina (211) New
South Dakota (100)
Tennessee (189) New
Texas (769) New
Utah (83) New
Vermont (11)
Virginia (164) New
Washington (80) New
West Virginia (44)
Wisconsin (372) New
Wyoming (73)


Some local information on North America : USA

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